Historical Sanitaries

The Sackville Lounge

Historical Sanitaries


Sackville Lounge Shanks Pottery

Shanks and Co. Sanitaries

Located in the basement of The Sackville Lounge, within the gent's toilets are some historical artifacts that have withstood the test of time. Both the sink and urinals are original Shanks and Co. sanitaries and known to be one of the oldest urinals in the country.

Sackville Lounge Shanks Pottery Sinks

The origins of Armitage Shanks can be found in 1853 with a company called Shanks and Co Ltd when John Shanks opened a plumber's shop in Barrhead, East Renfrewshire, Scotland. He soon began manufacturing brass fittings for the piped water and sewage systems just being introduced and in 1866 he opened a brass foundry in the centre of Barrhead. Initially the company bought in the pottery they used for their baths and washbasins, but in 1900 they opened their own pottery workshop.

The firm was run by the Shanks family until 1969 when it merged with another company to form Armitage Shanks. In 1980 Armitage Shanks became a member of the Blue Circle Industries group. However, in 1992 , the Barrhead factory shut down and operations for Armitage Shanks now only function in England.

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