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The Sackville Lounge

Ghost Signs


Sackville Lounge Ghost Sign

Whats a Ghost Sign?

Ghost signs are remnants of old and typically hand-painted signs of business signage or advertising. Most often they are signs of businesses that have since closed their doors. You can find these signs all around Dublin and can include the side buildings, above current businesses or even designed into the architecture of a building now used for other purposes.

The Sackville Ghost Sign

The 1916 Destruction
"Ghost Sign" located at the side of The Sackville Lounge

The Sackville Lounge ghost sign is located in the rear exit and recently renovated beer garden area. The sign, located at the side of the neighbouring buildings. The sign which, at first unclear, reads Hoyte and Son Pharmaceutical Chemists & colour warehouse. Hoyte and Son's was a chemists located at 17 Sackville Street until it was reportedly destroyed during the Easter Rising of 1916.

Source Dublin Ghost Signs Ireland