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The Sackville Lounge


The Sackville Lounge is a traditional Irish pub located in the heart of Dublin City. We offer a warm welcome, a great pint and cosy atmosphere. With a one room no-nonsense style pub and a fantastic recently renovated beer garden we host live sports and music. An historical landmark rich in history.

The Sackville Lounge recently renovated upstairs apartments now are a fantastic location to stay in the city on your visit to Dublin. We offer several rooms for group or single room bookings

Stay At The Sackville

The building comes with a rich history, the location of one of the oldest Ghost Signs known in Ireland along with the original and historical shanks and co. sanitaries that have withstood the test of time in the mens basement bathroom.

Along with some of these fantastic histories are darker times at Sackville Place. During the 1916 Rising, No. 16 was destroyed, leaving only rubble on the site of the current landmark location, The Sackville Lounge. After reconstruction of the city center of Dublin, Egan's, Denis J. wine and spirit merchants became where The Sackville Lounge is today.

The pub was a favourite on the North Side of Dublin and in 1973 during what is known as The Troubles, a car bomb exploded outside Egans killing 2. Read the full history of our pub on our history page. The Sackville Lounge, stands tall on Sackville Place and has become known as one of the best traditional Irish pubs in Dublin, a true gem in the city.